CEDCAS means Center for Health Education and Health Services, we are a non-profit organization founded in 1985 whose goal is to promote and maintain ¨whole person health care¨, meaning, physical, emotional, social and spiritual health for those we serve. From the beginning CEDCAS has been focused on preventive aspects in the communities, we have always sought to involve people in their own care. We have developed workshops in first aid, nutrition, medicinal plants, disaster relief and others.

CEDCAS has four major programs:

  1. Communities: Through our work in several areas in the country with local churches we promote micro-enterprises. We teach community and church leaders so that they can run effective businesses to provide for better health, economic security and spiritual care for their families.
  2. Volunteers: Our volunteer program has developed since 1985. We have established relationships with North American churches, families and individuals who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and come to help us build churches, community centers, basket ball courts and houses. We also promote groups that teach sewing and crafts to women and children.
  3. House of Health: A community center in Los Lagos Heredia, which provides a variety of activities to promote ¨whole person health care¨. We encourage healthy living by teaching nutrition, exercise, diabetic care, food safety and other classes to promote taking our health in our own hands.
  4. Clinic: Since 2002 the clinic has provided affordable and accesible health services in medicine, dentistry and various medical specialties.