Since 1985, we have worked in the south of Costa Rica in five nearby rural communities such as Colorado, San Luis (current Biolley) Altamira, El Carmen and Sábalo.
CEDCAS has participated in the formation of women’s associations, training of community leaders in the construction of potable water systems, first aid courses, nutrition and promoting micro businesses seeking to empower people, especially women.
CEDCAS has contributed and participated in the project ASOMOBI (Association of Organized Women of Biolley). In 1997, we assisted this project lead by 35 women in the production of sustainable and organic coffee. Together we were able to build a coffee processing plant and lodge, this has helped benefit and improve their economic situation. ASOMOBI is located next to one of our national parks, which promotes tourism in the area. We also help groups seek funding for small businesses, kids programs, sustainable projects and contribute to fair trade by buying coffee, beans and honey from this area.

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